How to clear your vocals in Cool Edit Pro


Step 1: Effects - Amplitude - Dynamics Proccessing - Vocal Comp 8:1 -24 Fast attack

Step 2: Effects - FFT Filters - Mastering Heavy & Wide

Step 3: Effects - Amplitude - Hard Limitting -
Top box: -.1
Second box: 6
Third box: 7
Last box: 100
Check the Left and right box.

Step 4: Effects - FFT Filters - Graphic Equalizer - Spit Clear

Step 5: Effect - Amplitude - Dynamics Proccessing - De Esser Light

Step 6: Effects - Delay Effects - Reverb - Natural Reverb

WATCH IN HD! Ok so here are the settings I use to clear my vocals in Cool Edit Pro 2. They sound very good when you follow everything just the way I did it in the video. If you don't believe me go to my other video and listen to the songs I uploaded on here and you will hear how clear they really are. If you can't read the things I am putting on or applying just watch the video in HD and you will be able to.

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by: xDaveTheMusicManx

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